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Saturday, February 14, 2015

5 Reasons every Indian must watch ROY movie!

The much anticipated and awaited film Roy finally hit the screen tomorrow and since I was one among those fortunate ones to have secured tickets on very first day in a multiplex theater in a city where Hindi movie tickets are sold like hot Jalebis, I got flooded with lots of chat messages, phone calls and in person conversations  asking me a common question “How is Roy Movie?”

Rather than replying to each and every thread individually and considering the social welfare, I decided to go public and share my personal experiences and feelings about the movie and justifying reasons to watch it. So, here are those 5 reasons, I recommend, every Indian must consider to watch this movie:-

Number 1: Film promoters and sources were found quoting that Roy is essentially an #Arjun Rampal and #Jacqueline Fernandez film and that the National Lover # Ranbir Kapoor has just a short role in the film. Whereas in actual, you will very much find him, and mostly hanging on the ship and scanning for whales or sharks, or may be thinking “Ibiza was much better”?

Bonus: You are RK fan and you enter the theater with a sad feeling that he won’t be much there in the movie. You’ll soon discover the truth that he’s all around.

Number 2: If you are The Scotch Malt Whisky lover, welcome to the club where characters given a role in the movie actually unite to enjoy an unmatched experience of exceptional single cask, single malt whisky.  And mind it, it is better with “3 cubes of ice” 

Bonus: You’d almost prepare yourself to quit smoking after reading a postscript running in the entire movie duration saying “Smoking kills”. You’ll soon discover the truth that It is actually “Roy that Kills”.

Number 3: We spend thousands of rupees every year on health supplements, going for fitness routines and doctor consultation. However #Roy is one way you can personally save money and boost your health. The unintentionally funny dialogues “hum insaan hamesha kisi aur ki zindagi chura ke jeena chhahte hai” “main apne actors ko characters k bahar nahi milta” “mujhe nahi pata tha ye kahani aise khatam hogi” will most probably do you the most good.

Bonus: Despite of Director’s attempt of torture with such a creative crisis, you’ll soon discover that you had a good laugh and made health through this misery.

 Number 4:  The double role mystery is an icing on the cake. It’s not that earlier we haven't been been delighted with the idea or story of a double role  appearance. But #Roy is such a suspense that will simultaneously keep you occupied with a parallel mystery that whether or not Jacqueline is playing a double role? Though from the story being unfold, director gives tough assignment to the audience to distinguish one character from the other, but thanks to the costume designers and make-up artists who did a good job of sketching two different characters - one that looks like Deepika Padukone (with the help of glasses and hot pants) and other that looks ate Marilyn Monroe (with the help of a retro bob and red lipstick)

Bonus: While watching the movie, you feel bad about your talent you could not resolve the mystery & kkept guessing  who’s who? But you'll discover the truth that no one else (including the director) qualified the #ROYology test too. Moreover, the movie helps you explore alternate professions such as sea-gazing or balcony-admiring, that look much appealing from the movie.

Number 5: For the Science Geeks and those crazy about physics and chemistry of the universe, this movie is a perfect gift to bring your brain cells to function and indulge in scientific thinking like “How movies like Roy are made?” or rather “Why they are made?”

Bonus: You spent your lifetime living in an illusion that you are an arts lover. You’ll soon discover the truth that you are actually a science lover and will start dedicating spare time to study mysteries of #ROYverse

Monday, May 12, 2014

वही पुरानी धूप

जाते हुए मौसम की वही पुरानी धूप
डूबते हुए सूरज का वही पुराना टुकड़ा
घर की छत का बही पुराना कोना
हाथो में उठाये वही पुरानी क़िताब
मैं आज भी यही सोचता हूँ 
की क्या सब कुछ है वैसे का वैसे या फिर कुछ बदल गया है?
या फिर जाने दो, धुंदला सी याद है, इसे धुंदला ही रहने दो
वैसे भी अजनबी से इस शहर में कुछ चीज़ें धुंदली ही अच्छी लगती है...

© Neetu Bhatia

Sunday, July 11, 2010

When the sky undresses...

When the sky undresses the denim shade with tears                                             It’s time for us to admire the dark & dusty it wears.

When the sun touches the sea and gives birth to cloud
It’s time for us to lift up our spirits and search aloud.

When the breeze blow with an impact never so strong
It’s time for us to unlearn many things that went wrong

When the heaven sends it’s blessings from the sky
It’s time for us to kiss the rain drops and stop feeling shy

When the nectar with tranquilizing effect falls like never before
It’s time for us to drink, rejoice and merry more.

When the spring shows chlorophyll in the dead leaves planted
It’s time for us to unite our hearts and feel enchanted.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


आँखें बहुत कुछ कहती हैं, इन्हें                                                                  कुछ लब्जों की तलाश है..                                                              ताउम्र दौड़ती ज़िन्दगी को
        चंद ठहरे हुए लम्हों की तलाश है..
आवाजों के इस शोर में
        बस तन्हायिओं की तलाश है...
जिस्मो की इस भीड़ से 
       गुज़रती किसी रूह की तलाश है.. 
खोये हुए चेहरों में से 
       किसी एक चेहरे की तलाश है..
इन्हें अब "मैं" नहीं "तुम" नहीं
       आज एक "हम" की तलाश है..

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Bridges are the focus point in any landscape.
It speaks of the times when they were built.
how it started on "each" side,
how two beautiful spans finally met in the middle.
It tells us about the people who rode them,
About rich & the lonely people; small & the happy people,
how they started from two "different" points & met each other.
Bridges magnify life,
Bridges enlarge everything.
Bridges tell us simple fact
While we bridge distances
Whatever we share with others
Becomes twice as large as it unites into one!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Kabhi tau chakh lena tum bhi
Zubaan par apni hasi ka ek tukda...

Kabhi tau bhar lena tum bhi
Bahon mei apni satrangi duniya...

Kabhi khwaish ke pankh lagakar
Ud lena sapno k gagan par thoda...

Kabhi armaano ke baadal ko chookar
Kar lena tum bhi safar adhoora...

Mil jayen jahan ye thoda thoda
Bana lena vahin apna aashiyan tum poora...

Kabhi tau tau chakh lena tum bhi....