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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Is Indian women getting commitment phobics?

It's 21/12/2009 : 01.15 am in my digital clock and I dunno what m I doing in this digital world.But surely there is something that is puzzling me.And I felt d urge to pour my thoughts somewhere.D question might seem random but isn't the no of women marrying in India has dropped magnificently in the last few years? I don't have any statistical data to support my statement but I definitely feel that in 2day's society, marriage rate is declining equally for men and for women. And even if the marriage statistics witnesses no significant fall, I have enough reasons to live with the conviction that number of woman falling out of relationships is increasing drastically as compared to the women falling in relationships.Wondering what could be the possible reasons for such a chnage in d social structure.Do we, the young & aimbitious face of Newer India fear marriage as a loss of our liberty/identity?Or is there an acute shortage of eligible men in da country?Are we waiting for the right soul mate who hasn't arrived yet? Are we scared of our past relationships??Are we ladies simply getting "commitment phobics"??

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  1. hi neetu ...loss of liberty..yes im agree with far im not found any soulmate..
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